Protect your crops, residential gardens and even business properties with bird net

Bird net is a completely multi-faceted product that is not only a great purchase but will save you unnecessary expenditure in the long run. The exceptional use of this high quality product stretches far beyond the reaches of just farm lands. Suburban areas have come to appreciate the diverse uses that this item has to offer, and have been implementing its functionality around certain cities.

bird eating fruit

The bird net is a incredible net that you can use of many ways.

Initial use of bird netting

Avid gardeners, farmers and large scale crop suppliers have been the part of intended target market of this product. It not only provides protection against birds, but bats as well. Both species could have detrimental effects on plants, flowers and produce. The bird netting offers a functional, safe, cost effective method to keep the predators at bay. Protection of crops is vital to a farmer as this would be a source of income.

Agricultural structural design and benefits

As much as birds and bats need to be kept out, beneficial pollinating species still require accessibility. The structure of the bird netting has been designed in such a manner that pollination will still be easily attainable. The spacing is crafted perfectly to inhibit the entrance of even the smallest bird species, but large enough to allow bees in, for example. This is an important factor when it comes to ensuring the longevity of certain yields.

guacamalla installed on tree

The bird net is a option very resistant and durable, besides, It has an affordable price.

A high quality material is epitome in such an environment and the bird netting has been designed to effectively withstand its surroundings thanks to its durability. Integrally graded mediums have been utilized in the manufacturing process of the bird net which ensures the best value for money. The lifespan of these nets can last for at least 7 years. The long term effect that this is affordable adds to the necessity of the product.

Sunlight is another major factor in the efficient cultivation of certain crops and flowers. The nets have been designed to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to reach the yields without adversely affecting the integrity of the product. Birds are still proficiently kept out and adequate sunlight is allowed to enter. Natural moisture, which also has a positive bearing on flowers, crops, fruits, vegetables etcetera also have ample space to moisten the produce. Neither of these natural elements negatively impacts the structure or quality of the netting in any way.

bird net installed in house

The bird net is made of a resistant and durable material.

As with screen-of-green netting, the structure is sturdy yet easy to maneuver. This adds to the demand of the product, as the set-up process is quite simple and not terribly time consuming. Added to this, are the protective natures of both structures which work well when used together. The structural support of the screen-of-green netting, together with its ‘even growth distribution’ properties, assists the installation of the bird net. Safety and ‘even crop’ dispersing leads to increased overall growth yielding productivity.

The major usage importance in agriculture, gardening and even ponds

Due to the ingenious design of the bird net, it can be as easily adapted to comfortably fit your gardening space, as it can be to cover your pond. The netting also easily stretches across hectares of farmland, offering optimal levels of protection to the crop.

Bird species such as, finches, cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds and crows, etcetera, are known to feed on the blossoms of fruit trees and flower buds. This has been a long time headache for gardeners and a constant worry. Deterrent techniques, such as Scarecrows have come to prove inefficient and smarter methods had to be employed. The use of bird nets has offered incredible protection to the flowers and has resulted in extremely satisfied customers.

guacamallas installed for protection against the birds

The bird net provides effective protection against any type of birds

Fish farms, pond owners, small-fish enthusiasts, all face the imminent threat of certain bird species feeding on their livestock. Not only does this cause damage to the aquatic environment, but they tend to feed on other crustaceans, amphibians and insects, which sometimes results in a mess. Making use of bird netting has again proven to be the most effective preventative measure available. It is easy to have installed and will save you lots of extra time, energy and money for a long time to come.

Agriculturally, the significance of bird netting cannot be overemphasized. Bird damage to the crops of hard working farmers that rely on the yields for a sustainable income is an unwelcomed inconvenience. Take into account the workers and other members that also rely on the crops to earn a living and the value of the bird netting becomes more apparent. Fruit bats can also cause noticeable damage in a very short space of time. The nets have been created with all of these factors taken into consideration and as such manage to deliver the best results for protection.

guacamalla installed for avoid the bird attack.

With this type of net avoid that the birds invades and destroys your plants.

SOG netting, when used together with the bird netting, creates a more effective production environment. One of the factors that enhance the combination of the two sets of nets is that the SOG netting enhances the flowering process. This combined with added safety and a more, timely yield, results in a quicker turnaround time, which innately increases productivity.

Urban usage and benefits

Birds have been known to cause havoc on building structures, rooftops and generally anywhere that they can find a place to perch their nests. The fecal matter of the birds is acidic to a point in nature and causes damage to structures. Certain regions do not permit the use of bird spikes, as they are seen as inhumane. Bird netting is a ‘friendlier’, more feasible way to deter them from nesting on your property.

The added benefits of bird netting

bird net installed for protection to fishes

Too you can use the bird net for protect fishes and too you can install this net in your house, garden, building, etc.

Bird net has huge value when it comes to protecting farmers from their crops being destroyed by birds. Your everyday gardener that takes time pruning and nurturing their flowers to keep their backyards looking beautifully pristine can also benefit. The value of building structures and properties are also inadvertently protected, by keeping away unwanted birds from causing damage to the paintwork and workmanship.