Bird net a measure of protection for fruit, vegetables and grasses

Bird net a means of protection for fruit, vegetables and grasses

Bird net a measure of protection for fruit, vegetables and grasses applicable planting blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and grapes in greenhouses or in the open, because the bird net is a means of protection for fruit trees like peach orchards, apple, pear, mango, papaya, guava and other varieties, in the case of vegetables can protect crops of tomatoes, peppers by variety and even mention the network to birds is useful for protecting grass crops such as corn, beans and other species.

Bird net

Bird net a means of protection for fruit, vegetables and grasses.

This bird net used for the protection of buildings, historic monuments and even to protect construction sites. As you may realize, this bird net is a product of great utility that offers GUACAMALLAS ensuring total protection for these needs against invading birds. The bird net that promotes GUACAMALLAS is made of a lightweight material that is easy to maneuver when installing this bird net is black so it can be confused for eyes of birds, an advantage that benefits the farme, in addition to when installed in any architectural building, monument or building work does not alter the landscape of the site by this black colored.

This product is manufactured in order to support the work of the field in both food productions in greenhouses, open field, green roof, backyard gardens, hydroponics cultivation, and extensive gardens among other practices. The birds have been a problem for agriculture arguably harmful pest for crops , but we must understand that these species seek support themselves to survive in the environment , it is a habit of life , and these agricultural practices facilitate obtaining food for themselves , which is why we are more frequently in crops and hence in more contact with humans , people have taken decisions about the bird pest control measures harmful to some extreme measures to minimize the invasion of birds crops such as: applying glue that hinder the flight of birds, place frightens birds, add sounds for discouraging or even poison that besides birds also affect the food chain of other species altering the ecosystem is affected couraging quality production to make valid the effort of the farmer.

Bird net a measure of protection in crops of fruit and vegetables.

Why this bird net macaw is an optimal measure of protection with which we can keep track of birds a preventive measure against this plague, without altering an ecosystem, as it is known that birds by nature are a source of natural for the biological control during migration of some insects that damage crops, are also a source of propagation of species through their excreta serve as fertilizer for plants.

Both can cause damage to our agricultural practices to architectural monuments and buildings in the cities, while maintaining the benefits nature balanced ecosystem. Therefore let nature take its course in a timely manner and we do our job of protecting our crops such as fruit, vegetables and grasses with the product provides a bird net whit GUACAMALLAS in low cost, reusable and durable to all It is useful for rural areas engaged in agricultural production and for protecting our cities monuments and buildings  anti-bird protection (Bird Control) .

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